Koor Data Control Center

Level up your Rook Ceph storage operation. The Koor Data Control Center includes everything you need to get started. Go with a Pro subscription, or ramp up slowly with the free trial.

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For any use up to 4 data nodes. Register to get help and stay informed.

  • Koor Data Control Center
  • Koor Operator
  • Version Service
  • Configuration controls and presets
  • Help Desk support
$49 / node / month


License to operate 4+ data nodes, invoiced on an annual basis. Get the support you need when you need it.

  • Koor Data Control Center
  • Koor Operator
  • Version Service
  • Configuration controls and presets
  • System assessment
  • Troubleshooting tools
  • Priority Help Desk support
  • On-going product updates
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Deep support programs and volume discount to match your situation. We would love to talk and find out how best to help you.

  • Everything in Pro
  • Storage system design
  • Regular health checks
  • Performance tuning
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Here are answers to the most common questions. Got a different question? Contact us at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Koor help with data storage system architecture and installation of Rook Ceph?

Absolutely. We are happy to help define and set up Rook Ceph in your environments with your team.

Which Rook Ceph versions are supported?

KSD supports Rook as far back as v1.4. The latest is v1.12. Our experts can help where you are at.

What is the definition of a "storage node" to which the license refers?

A "storage node" refers to a Kubernetes-compatible node running storage components (e.g., Ceph MON, MGR, OSD, RGW, etc.).

Why is there a 4-node minimum for licensing KSD Pro?

You are choosing KSD Pro because you care about your data. You should always run at least 4 nodes to allow Rook and Ceph to auto-heal when there is a problem. For smoother recovery from failures, run 5 or more nodes.

Do development, test, and quality assurance clusters need to be licenced?

Licensing these environments is at your discretion. Often this data is throw-away. Perhaps it is generated by scripts, and no one will get upset if it is lost.

On the other hand, you may have invested a lot of time in crafting your data sets for quality assurance. If the data is critical to your business, you should license the nodes.

What Kubernetes versions are supported?

Kubernetes 1.21 and higher is recommended. Other Kubernetes-based distributions, such as OpenShift and Rancher are also supported.

Block, object, and file storage Koor Data Control Center is the ideal solution for watching over your Ceph data storage.
Public cloud, private cloud, or bare metal Keep your data wherever you want it. Hybrid solutions are supported "out of the box."