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Managed Ceph

Koor is ready to run your Ceph data storage. We can do everything, from setting up a storage cluster to operations and maintenance. Rely on Ceph and Koor for resilient data storage that suits your needs.

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The Help You Need

What We Mean By Managed Ceph

When you need someone to handle your data storage, sign up with Koor. We will understand your needs and design a Ceph-based storage system to match. Then we will operate your data storage, monitoring the systems, keeping the software up to date, and resolving anomolies before they become real problems.

System Set Up

Koor will help you set up Ceph, including system design, installation, and configuration. We will provision the right mix of block, object and file storage to suit your organizational requirements.

You can run Ceph stand-alone or as part of a Kubernetes environment. Choose between replication and erasure coding. Create a schedule for data scrubbing. We will walk you through these options and more.

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Operations and Maintenance

Koor automates routine maintenance tasks and handles issues as they come up. Koor monitors your Ceph clusters for you using a combination of standard tools and Koor's own Data Control Center. Koor also conducts periodic system assessments to ensure that everything is healthy.

Koor gives your data storage the TLC it needs. Software patches and updates, security protocols, back-ups and restoration, and more.

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Extra Support

Some jobs are beyond the standard offering. Data migration off of proprietary systems, disaster recovery planning, and system upgrades require extra care and handling. Koor can help at times when you need that extra bit of support.

Koor has experience operating personal clusters and clusters at enterprise scale. Whatever your footprint, Koor fits the boot.

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A Trusted Partner

See what customers say about Koor

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“Koor provided us brilliant support to help configure our Kubernetes environment with Rook Ceph. The team demonstrated knowledge about Kubernetes, Rook, Ceph, and a lot of other topics to suggest smart solutions for our environment.”

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“Koor's advice and expertise have helped Y Meadows improve the performance and availability of our Rook Ceph storage cluster in Kubernetes. We choose Koor for their deep expertise in the field, and they have been a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend them!”

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